unmanned aerial vehicle PCB boardPCB board

//unmanned aerial vehicle PCB boardPCB board

PCB layer count 10 layers rigid PCB+4 layers flex PCB
PCB Laminate Material FR4
Tg of of PCB laminate material Tg170,ShengYi S1000-2
Overall finished PCB thickness (mm) 1.60+/-10%,measured on the solder mask
Finished PCB copper thickness (OZ) 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1
PCB surface treatment Immersion gold: 2u” (min) based IPC 4552
Soldermask color Glossy Green
Silkscreen color White
PCB size (mm) 120.00 X 85.00
PCB Profile routing
Minimum plated through hole size (mm) 0.50
Minimum track width/spacing (mm) 0.10mm/0.10mm
VIP technolog (Y/N) No.
Controlled Impedance (Single ended) (Y/N) No.
Controlled Impedance (Differential) (Y/N) No.
Peelable mask (Y/N) No.
Chamfer gold fingers (Y/N) No.
IPC class 2 or 3 Class 2
RoHS (Y/N) Column 1 Value
Blind and buried via holes No.
Other N/A

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