Rigid PCB Capability  

///Rigid PCB Capability  
PCB Technology Overview for Rigid PCB
PCB Layer count 1-50 Layers for rigid PCB board, 2-6 layers flex PCB board
PCB Board Thickness Min 2 Layer : 0.20mm
4 Layer : 0.40mm    0.30mm(advanced)
6 Layer : 0.80mm
8 Layer : 1.00mm
10 Layer : 1.20mm
Max 6.35 mm
PCB Base Copper Weight Min 12um (1/3oz)
Max 140 um(4 oz) for inner layer
210 um (6 oz) for outer layer
PCB Laminates Types FR-4(High Tg,Halogen Free),FR-5,FR-1,CEM-1,Rogers(Ro4003,Ro4350,Ro6003)
CEM-3,BT,Getek Isola,Rogers,Aluminium
Max PCB Panel Size 508mm X 610mm ( 20″ x 24″ )
Min PCB Finished Hole Size 0.15mm ( 6mil ) for through plated hole,
0.10mm (4mil) for laser drilling holes
PTH Wall Thickness 0.025mm ( 1mil )
PCB Aspect Ratio Production: </= 12:1;  prototype </= 14:1
PCB Min Line Width/Space 0.075mm/0.075mm ( 3mil / 3mil )
Drill to Metal 0.007″ for production;0.006″ for prototypes
PCB Via Hole Type Via in PAD, plug via by resin and plated shut up by copper
HDI/Microvia Yes
PCB Surface Finish HASL, Lead Free HASL, Immersion Tin
Flash Gold (Gold plating ), Immersion Gold: IPC-4552
Slect Gold plating (gold thickness up to 120u”)
Gold Finger, Immersion Silver, OSP/ENTEK
Carbon Ink, Peelable Mask
PCB Solder Mask Green, Blue, Black, Red, White, Yellow
Liquid Photo-Image ( LPI ), Dry Film
Min S/M pitch: 0.10mm
PCB Impedance Control 50 – 90 ohms +/- 8%       (Single ended impedance)
100 – 155 ohms +/- 10%  (Differential impedance)
PCB Min Bonding Pitch 0.181mm ( center to center )
PCB Min SMT Pitch 0.400mm ( center to center )
PCB Min Annual Ring 0.025mm
PCB Outline Finish Types CNC Routing, Tooling Punching, V-Scoring/Cut
PCB Tolerance PTH Hole Dia.Tolerance : ± 0.075mm (+/-3mil for normal);+/-0.050mm(+/-2mil for advance)
NPTH Hole Dia.Tolerance : ± 0.05mm (2mil)
Hole Position Deviation :      ± 0.05mm (2mil)
Board Thickness (0.2-1.0mm) :  ± 15%
Board Thickness (1.2-6.35mm) : ± 10%
Routed Outline Tolerance :          ± 0.10mm (4mil)
Punched Outline Tolerance :        ± 0.20mm (8mil)
Innerlayer Registration: production +/- 0.075mm(3mil); prototype:+/- 0.050mm(3mil)
PCB Thermal Stress 3x10Sec@288℃
PCB Warp & Twist ≤0.7%
Test Voltage 50V—300V
PCB Current Breakdown 10A
Peel Strenth 1.4N /mm
PCB Soldermask abrasion >6H


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