Copper Thickness Measure Meter

///Copper Thickness Measure Meter

PCB Through Plated Hole Copper Thickness Measure Meter

through_plate_hole_pcbNowadays, copper thickness in through plated hole PCB is no longer an issue by automatic electronic copper plating process. But, all customers in Europe and in USA is still pay high attention to copper thickness in the wall of the through plated hole.

We have Copper thickness measure meter for though plated holes,and we normally follow IPC class 2 to control the copper thicknes in through palted holes no matter customer specify this or not. If customer required copper thickness in through plated holes to be IPC class level 3, it is also ok to us.

We are as a professsnoal Printed Circuit Board manufacturer in China normally use copper thickness measure meter to measure every batch PCB before delivery.

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