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PCB Quick Turn Manufacturing Service

Here in china, there is a saying that “time is the money”, WellerPCB as your China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer offer customer quick turn PCBmanufacturing service for small volume (sample PCB) and prototype PCB. 

At WellerPCB we understand that Quick Turns are a way of life and understand the competitive advantages our customers gain via speed and reliability of delivery. This is the reason that we have developed the ability to provide quick turns for all the technologies that we manufacture. 50% of our business is quick turn around and we tool 40 – 50 new part numbers a week. We know that you can count on us to deliver good quality boards on time.

The key to delivering quick turns is the teamwork in the organization from order entry to shipment. Our high efficiency engineering (CAM) systems and processes coupled with our rapid response manufacturing which utilizes the same processes for production boards and quick turns are enablers to our success.

We have the capability to do same day turns on FR-4 Double sided boards out of our facility. We have the ability to do 1 day – 10 day turns for 1-14 layers boards

We have the ability to turn post-bonded metal backed PCB’s in 5 – 10 days using our in-house machine shop, in-house metal carrier plating line, in house PCB fabrication and our various bonding techniques.

Considering some projects demand a much shorter schedule, especially when you spend too much time on the PCB design or engineering stage and need to catch up with the production, we offer PCB Expedited Service to help you meet the deadline. We’re capable to print your PCB boards with the same high quality as we promised on our Standard PCBs Services starts from 2 days. Extra charge will be occurred for expediting your PCB orders.

Require an urgent PCB order? Feel free to discuss your requirements with us at service@wellerpcb.com 

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