PCB Quality Policies

//PCB Quality Policies

PCB quality policy from WellerPCB

“PCB Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority”

As having been working with our Europe and America customers more than 15 years, we absolutely much more understand what quality class they want for their PCBs than most PCB suppliers do here.

We take pride in the PCB manufacturing work we do. Our program is dynamic with a focus on continuous improvement aimed at customer satisfaction. We are utilizing several tools including DOE and statistical analysis to assist us in our goals. We have Six Sigma Black Belts on our staff and have begun training our engineers as Green Belts.

We have state-of-the-art process control systems and our certifications include ISO 9001:2000 and UL certification. In addition, we have PPAP’s on multiple parts for the automotive industry We have rigorous SPC controls, automated optical inspection, metallographic cross section and electrical test facilities. These provide the quality assurance needed to meet the high standards of our customers.

For your any concernings about PCB quality, please send email to service@wellerpcb.com 

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