PCB market in Germany mixed in July 2012

///PCB market in Germany mixed in July 2012

Sales decreased 5.4 percent YoY. YTD, sales also decreased 8.3 percent compared with the corresponding period in July 2011. One major cause of this development is declining order volumes from the solar industry. Due to the uncertainties in the feed-in compensation, the sector shows cautious buying behaviour.

By contrast, order intake reached the highest level recorded so far this year and the fourth highest level over the past 10 years. This can largely be attributed to long-term orders from the Automotive sector. The nature of large-scale orders mostly benefits the major manufacturers. As a consequence, small-series manufacturers suffered a decline in order intake.

Despite the high order intake in July, cumulative orders for 2012 remained 5.5 percent below the comparable period of 2011.

The July book-to-bill ratio jumped to 1.17.

Traditionally, the number of employees increases during the holiday season, as seasonal and temporary staff are employed. However, July 2012 saw a 5% decline in staff numbers compared to July 2011.

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