PCB Data Guideline

///PCB Data Guideline

In order to save your Gerber files including your manufacturing specification in quoting and order, you can send us your Gerber files matches as below (powered by China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer (offshore PCB Manufacturer)):

  • Gerber formats should be in ODB++, 274RS-x, or 274d is better for us. Or P-CAD files (only for two layers PCB)
  • Gerber File should use English units (one gerber file per layer). We prefer 2.3 leading format.
  • Please use a max of 8-character names before extension of 3 characters.
  • Please include fabrication print showing printed circuit board outline with drill pattern and sizes in gerber format.
  • An aperture file needs to be included (some layout packages need 1 for each layer)
  • A CNC Drill File in Excellon format needs to also be included. We prefer 2.4 trailing format.
  • Please include a “Read.Me” text file (ASCII text information file) that contains the following text information:
  1. List of every file name with a brief description as to what it is.
  2. List all non-Gerber specs for this job.
  3. Your contact information (include evening phone if you like).

The software we used to read your PCB data:  Genesis, CAM350,Eagle, P-CAD,Altium Designer.

PCB Tooling Package Requirements

1.     BLUE PRINT (Paper, Gerber, HPGL, PDF, Film Plot, or Autocad. No Fax)
The blue print and purchase order are the “controlling” documents for the entire tooling package.
Note: The “blue print” can consist of a “drilling drawing” and detailed “readme” file.

The blue print should include the following:

  • Profile dimensions and tolerance for the board.
  • A hole to board edge dimension in 2 axis
  • A list of finished hole sizes and hole size tolerance.
  • Material type, thickness, and FINISHED copper weight
  • Any applicable acceptability specifications.
  • Solder mask color, type, and number of sides.
  • Surface finish; (SMOBC, White Tine, Electro less Nickel/Gold, etc.)
  • Silk screen/Legend color and number of sides.

2.    ARRAY DRAWING (Paper, Gerber, HPGL, PDF, Film Plot, or Autocad. No Fax)
If the board is to be supplied in ARRAY FORM, the blue print or a separate array drawing should have the following
ADDITIONAL information.

  • Profile dimensions and tolerance for the array
  • Array edge to board edge (or hole) in 2 axis and orientation of pieces in the array.
  • Dimensional location, size and tolerance of array tooling holes.
  • Dimensional location and size of array fiducials on copper and mask layer.
  • Break away slot detail and holding tab locations OR, scoring cross-sectional detail.
  • Number of “X outs” allowed per array.

3.    ARTWORK (Gerber RS274X, Gerber, or Film)
Gerber RS274X is the preferred format. Gerber RS274X has the apertures and formatting imbedded within the file, which
reduces translation/interpretation errors. Standard gerber files require a separate aperture list. Film plots will be used as

4.    DRILL DATA (Excellon format ASCII data)
Paper coordinate lists and “Bomb Plotting” are to be avoided.

Customer Artwork Approval is strongly encouraged to ensure proper interpretation of the data received. It is not intended
as an approval of line widths, pad sizes, etc. The intent is to ensure that all layers are present, requested merges are
properly interpreted, acceptable LOGO and Date Code location, etc. This approval DOES NOT exempt HOGREAT form responsibility for properly processing the data.

It is our intent to inform our customers as to what is needed in order to produce a quality product as efficiently and cost
effectively as possible. we are aware that circumstances may dictate that these requirements be flexible in order to meet
out customer’s needs. However, we ask that our customers appreciate the need for a complete tooling package. Delivery
and pricing may change upon Engineering review of the complete PCB tooling packages.

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