PCB key equipment

//PCB key equipment

A good production environment is a premise of good PCB circuit board manufacturing. We have learned “5s” for our management system since 2003.

PCB impedance tester machine

PCB impedance tester

Precleaning DryFilm

PCB X-Ray inspection instrument

PCB X-Ray inspection instrument

X-Ray drilling machine

Universal Electrical Test machine

Universal Electrical Test

S.E.S. line Schmid

PCB Router machines

PCB Roller Coating

Auto PTH line process

Auto PTH line

Precleaning Solder Mask

Precleaning IL Schmid process

Precleaning IL Schmid


Post Etch Punch

PCB Copper plating

PCB routing machine

PCB routing machine

Immersion gold Process

Exposure Workroom

PCB drilling process

Oxide replacement

PCB Mylar remover

Laminate pressing

Laminator DryFilm process

Laminator DryFilm

pcb Flying probe Test machine

Flying probe Test

Exposure ILS Bacher process

Exposure ILS Bacher

Dryfilm Exposure process

Dry Film Exposure

Developer Solder process

Developer Solder

Developer DryFilm_machine

Developer DryFilm

PCB Deburring machine

Deburring machine

D.E.S.line Schmid process

D.E.S.line Schmid

Conveyor Oven process

Conveyor Oven

CO2 Laser drilling machine

CO2 Laser drilling


Automatic filling

PCB Auto V-cut Machine

Auto V-cut Machine


A.O.I. Machines

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