PCB Impedance Control

///PCB Impedance Control

PCB Impedance Control

As a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer,Especially for quick switching parts with signal rise times of 1 to 2ns, the signal integrity must be guaranteed through good impedance

characteristics in the conductor trace connections.

PCB impedance coupons

The design of layer buildups and layouts can ensure tolerances of from 5% to 10% for currently common multilayers. Multi PCB checks customer tolerance specifications for manufacturability before production begins.

Design and Manufacture of Controlled Impedance PCBs
from Polar Instruments GmbH.

A calculation model is selected corresponding to the layer buildup, the circuit board layout, and the impedances specified by the customer. The result may indicate necessary modifications to the layer buildup, as well as necessary adjustments in the corresponding conductor trace geometries.

The impedance of circuit boards

  • Spacing of signal and potential layers
  • Conductor trace geometry
  • Conductor trace height (= copper thickness)
  • Dielectric constant εr

CITS880S PCB Controlled impedance tester

The compliance of the impedance values is then verified using an individual test coupon for each panel produced. Each respective Z0 value is measured and documented for each layer.

Your advantage with Multilayer PCB is impedance control down to 5% tolerance

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