Flextronics starts PCB production for NSN in Brazil

///Flextronics starts PCB production for NSN in Brazil

During an interview with RCR Wireless, Fernando Carvalho, head of business development at Nokia Siemens Networks, stated that they have signed contracts with two of the Brazilian providers and that they are negotiating with others.

– We expect to provide all the LTE for, basically Brazil, with the manufacturing plant we have here.
[…] We do expect to supply all the equipment for all the LTE contracts from the manufacturing that we are doing here so – all and all – when this is fully done, we expect to have four carriers, possibly five.

During the press conference, NSN’s Eduardo Araújo, Head of Latin America said that the plant will be producing 15’000 radio base stations (modules) per year at the plant. Mr. Carvalho explained that this is below the max. production capacity of the facility.

– We do expect that the coverage is gonna go beyond what we initially forecasted in terms of production. So we have a base case, which is 16’000. But we can go beyond that with a relatively easy setup, because we’re using a very flexible one with our Flextronics partner, said Mr. Carvalho.

He further explained, although there are currently no specific plans concerning the export of products, the company is looking into it.

According to Mr. Carvalho there is no current plan to export, but Argentina, Chile and Colombia are interesting locations for the company. “But we still have to do the detailed analysis for those.”

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