E-Test process for circuit board

qualitaetskontrolle_e-testThe electronic test (E-Test) for circuit boards is performed after manufacturing finished. Your circuit boards are checked with a flying probe, or for larger series quantities using an adapter E-Test, or we call it as E-test fixture.

The layout is analysed according to the net list (from the Gerber data) for short circuits and interruptions.

This is extremely important, because only the E-Test can recognize incorrect and missing connections, meaning that without the E-Test, the usability of your circuit board is just a random chance!

Circuit boards that are identified as defective are eliminated; defective circuit boards in panels are specially marked by “X”.

Your advantage with multilayer circuit boards  is that the E-Test is always included for 2 or more layers!

It is a common mistake to believe that once a circuit board has been manufactured error-free, it no longer needs to be subjected to an E-Test. Since each production of a circuit board charge is a separate process, it is necessary to test every time for every PCB!

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