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Component Sourcing

With over 10+ years’ experience and a global reach, we know that the foundation of low-cost manufacturing is purchasing components at the lowest possible price. To ensure this, our engineers and buyers will meticulously review your Bill of Materials (BOM) at the beginning of the purchasing process. Are there any obsolescence issues? Can we make any changes to improve cost or performance? Are there any single-source or critical components within the assembly? Once a BOM analysis has taken place, we use our global procurement system made up of purchasing teams in the China, HK and the USA to ensure we attain the best prices on the global market.

The cost savings we offer work alongside a fully traceable procurement process with full supply chain management. Purchasing is carried out using only franchised distributors, or with the component manufacturer directly, to ensure that the best opportunities are found. We can hold high levels of component stock to ensure that a rapid response and truly flexible supply chain can be offered to our customers. Using our material requirements planning system, and a dedicated team able to expedite any request, we can ensure that we will meet customer needs and, where possible, exceed them.

Procurement Capabilities Include:

  • Low-Cost Sourcing
  • Full Traceability
  • Obsolescence Management
  • To find out more about our electronic manufacturing process, click here.
  • Low-cost replacements Sourcing

How to Get a Free Quotation of Components Sourcing

Send your BOM and all requirements to, we’ll quote within 48 hours if no odd component in your BOM.Usually, it takes around one week to finish components sourcing from the date the parts are ordered to the date the parts are obtained. Based on the difficulty degree of components procurement, lead time is different with the shortest lead time of only 5 days.

How to Create a Complete BOM

BOM, short for bill of materials, is a comprehensive list of raw materials, items, assemblies and sub-assemblies, components etc. for product manufacturing. We require a complete BOM file to procure the exact components clients required. For more basic information and guidelines on BOM creating, please refer to Tips of Creating a BOM.
Here at WellerPCB, we have a Bill Of Materials example. For custom components sourcing quotation, we recommend clients to fill in required components info in our BOM template, as we can save much time on components checking and quotation.

Our Stragetic component supplier list

PCB components wurth electronics PCB Component supplier Element 14 PCB component supplier Schneider Electronic
PCB components supplier ST Microelectronics PCB components partner Verical PCB components partner UniOhm
PCB components supplier Texas Instruments PCB components partner nxp philips semiconductors PCB components partner murata electronics
PCB components partner mouser electronics PCB components partner Micro Chip PCB components partner Future Electronics
PCB components partner digi-key electronics PCB components partner Chip One Stop PCB components partner ChangJian ELEC TECH
PCB components partner AVNET PCB components partner Atmel PCB components partner ALLED ELECTRONICS
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