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Our flexibility is the key to saving your company time and money in the manufacturing cycle. We can offer your one stop solution for your business: PCB Design (by us), PCB prototypes (by us), PCB/PFCB assembly (by us), Turnkey PCB Assembly (by us), Box build assembly (by us+subcontractor), Components sourcing (by us),

PCB Manufacturing
Quick Turn PCB

Full Spec PCBs, Quick Turn PCBs, Custom Spec, Highly Specialized Precision PCBs

Fast Lead Time: 24 hours

PCB Design

A full range of PCB layout services for your electronics engineering.

UL listed; ISO 9001: 2008 All facilities are certified; TS16949; SGS
Providing Serial Services

Such as component mounting , testing, maintenance, assembly, aging, packaging.

Well Equipped

Such as automatic printing presses, high-precision placement machines, Lead Free Hot Air reflow machine, selective wave soldering machine, AOI inspecting machine, infrared BGA repair station.


WellerPCB is a professional PCB assembly manufacturer here in Shenzhen, China, focusing on prototypes and volume production of technologically advanced PCB assemblies, backplane assembly as well as electronics manufacturing services more than 10+ years, with providing the highest quality, flexible and reasonable price services to our 2000+ customers from Europe and US within industrial PCB assembly, medical PCB assembly, telecommunication PCB assembly and automotive industry PCB assembly..

Data-based quality PCB Prototype service

Cover Countries
Total Staff
Daily Process Orders
Save Time


What Our Customers Are Saying:

PCB Program Manager

Hi Zoey
thank you a lot for your mail.We are very happy with the board.We already tested 10 boards and programmed them. They are fully functional and do exactly what we have expected.For our next project we will come back to you. I have already recommended your company to some of my colleagues and business partners.


Amon Clemens, Austria
PCB buyer Ignacio Luna

“Speed,quality, and great service, WellerPCB has allowed us to move quickly on development and not stress out so much about inevitable board goof ups that previous have cost us weeks”.

Anthony Aglio, USA

“Weller PCB has the right products at competitive rates and a willing flexibility to work with our business.”

Stefano Bianco- General Manager-Italy
The PCBA buyer from France

“Hi Carl, Me too, I appreciate your trust! And you give me a great help (for example with the project Microchip which without you could not be a success!) And I feel the whole heart that has been put by everyone in the work that I receive. This is very important for me because I work in the same way.

And I have trouble seeing this world that is content to see humans as objects. Thank you very much Carl”

Olivier FOURNIER, Co-founder-France

Hi Zoey,
The boards are working perfectly. Can you make me a quote for 500 units of the same boards?
– Juha

Juha hakkinen, Owner-Finland

Morning Zoey

I did thanks I hope you too. Thank you for the excellent service.

I will send you more jobs soon as I am impressed with your quality, price and manufacturing time.

Enjoy your day too.

Andre, Production head--South Africa

Hello Zoey
We’re the tape already on the screens or did you guys add that? It’s good, much better than previous factory . They’re all working which is great . I have told a few people about you too.
-Tim Hadwen

Tim Hadwen, -Owner- Austrilia

Hello Zoey,

Everything is top. The white silkscreen could be of better quality but for that price I don’t complain.

All the best,

Christian, Electronics Engineering- Gemany

Thank you very much Bella!

My son Carlos Henrique is introducing WellerPCB to several partner companies, soon we will have more customers.



Carlos Alberto Moura<, Electronics engineering director-Brazil


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